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マックス株式会社 海外営業部課長 立花康伸氏

Company name MAX Co., Ltd.
Established November 26, 1942
Business Marketing of industrial machinery and office equipment
Offices Head office, branches, sales offices, operation offices: 20 locations
Production factories: 3

Unexpected sales call from Japan Trust

At that time, I didn't intend to change our forwarder at all. I decided to listen to them just for my information when I received a phone call from Japan Trust (laughs).
Then, Mr. Ida and Mr. Matsuno came to my office. I was interested in their service because we could cut costs and they looked very trustworthy.

However, can they meet our needs?

I was worried about their ability to arrange shipping space.
Since we deal with more than 100 kinds of commodities in large quantities, we need a forwarder who can handle complicated shipments in large volume. Honestly, I had so little information about them that I was uncertain about their capability to constantly secure shipment space.。

Securing shipment space is essential for properly maintaining our business and the confidence of clients. Although we needed to cut costs and the sales reps of Japan Trust looked trustworthy, I was still concerned about their service quality.

We began working with them because a staff member at our U.S. subsidiary recommended that we use their service. According to the U.S. staff member, Japan Trust had already developed strong networks and made successful achievements in the U.S.

Their excellent reputation assured us of service quality of Japan Trust.

I was also very impressed with sincere attitudes of Mr. Ida and Mr. Matsuno who have conducted close follow-up work by quickly responding to our requests and inquiries.

The biggest reason was…

The key factor was the possibility of cost saving.
Japan Trust offered more reasonable prices than the existing partner forwarder.

In addition to the cost advantage, a recommendation by our U.S. subsidiary was another great factor in our decision.

Actually, the confident and convincing presentation by Mr. Ida and Mr. Matsuno was the final and strongest factor (laughs).

How the new partnership turned out to be:

I was positively surprised by their service, particularly their quick response.

I already knew their space arrangement capability. What surprised me most was their extremely quick response to our booking requests.

Their quick shipment booking enabled us to plan business in a more concrete and detailed manner.

We have placed our greatest confidence in them since our first shipment. There are many NVOCCs around, but we prefer them because of their reasonable pricing and reliable service quality. I'm afraid that I sound like I’m flattering them (laughs).

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