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J. Gerber & Company Tadashi Takahashi, Industrial products division manager

Company name J. Gerber & Company
Business Import of food and beverage products

How did you come to know JTC's service?

I had a telephone call from their sales rep.

Since I was seeking information for cost saving options, I didn't hesitate to meet with them at all.

Did you have any concerns when you first used their service?

In fact, I had no concerns. Since their sales rep had explained to me their strong service features which were proven by past successful projects, I found them very reliable. In addition, Japan Trust's clients included many food importers, which was another major point.

What was the most important point when you decided to start business with them?

It was their cost advantage, because we placed the greatest emphasis on cost saving.
We of course closely examined charges and rates of various forwarders, and concluded that Japan Trust's service was the most reasonable and best.

What was your impression of their service after actually working with them?

I am always impressed with their quick response. They always immediately book shipping space and promptly provide us with information such as quotations and booking numbers, which we find very helpful.

Since our main business is importing food and beverage products, such excellent speed in communication is very important. So, I believe that their prompt and smooth response is one of their greatest advantages.

Japan Trust is and will be our excellent business partner which always provides reliable and quick service including timely information.

I hope they will remain one of our most important partners going forward.

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