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Takemoto Piano Co., Ltd. Yasuo Nakamura, President

Company name Takemoto Piano Co., Ltd.
Established March 1979
Business Marketing of used pianos
Offices Head office (one location)

I didn’t know about Japan Trust.

It was nearly five years ago that Japan Trust's sales rep came to our office. Until that time, I had never even heard of them.

I decided to meet with the rep because I happened to be free at that time. We often receive promotional phone calls from forwarders. I took interest in the rep's confidence in their cost performance. Honestly, I just wanted to learn price offerings of other forwarders.

Japan Trust didn’t meet our needs because…

Their service cost was higher than that of the forwarder we were working with at that time. Therefore, we didn't find their service very attractive.

After a while, however, our forwarder had difficulty in maintaining service costs. Consequently, it became necessary for us to reexamine transportation costs and service providers. In that process, Japan Trust came up as a new partner candidate.

Of several factors, the most attractive point was their advantage in cost performance.

Japan Trust's strength other than cost advantage

While their reasonable service costs, particularly low freight costs, were very attractive, what made me decide to start business with them was the excellent personal qualities of Japan Trust's sales rep.

Along with cost saving possibilities, I focused on reliability in selecting business partners because I considered trust to be a key point to maintaining a good business relationship over many years.

In that regard, Japan Trust appeared to be very promising with hard-working sales reps who were very quick in responding to our requests and inquiries and proactive in suggesting new ideas. In particular, I liked their sincere and careful attitude in handling our requests.

As a matter of fact, I was convinced of their service qualities and this led to the decision, as I repeatedly discussed it with the sales reps, who were sincere and professional.

How satisfied are you with Japan Trust?

I am very satisfied with their service.

They provide very flexible service to meet our various requests. They also provide us with a wide range of information regarding cargo in addition to shipping status.

They always work for the customer’s benefit, going further than responding to requests, and providing services beyond our expectations.

I hope to continue working with them going forward.

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