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With a warehouse in a foreign trade zone (FTZ warehouse), Great Luck also has an advantage in FTZ cargo handling service.

FTZ is a bonded area specified by the U.S. authorities where imported cargo can be kept without paying duties.

Cargo owners can benefit in terms of cash flow by keeping goods in a FTZ warehouse and completing custom clearance immediately before delivery so as to postpone duty payment.

Furthermore, our FTZ warehouse is located close to Long Beach Port, Los Angeles and on Overweight Corridor, on which transportation of heavy cargo is permitted. Equipped with heavy machines for oversized cargo, Great Luck's warehouse has successfully catered to the needs of various customers with its advantage in FTZ operation and capacity of heavy cargo handling.

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■Foreign Trade Zone 倉庫

Foreign Trade Zone 倉庫

Foreign Trade Zone 倉庫内写真1

Foreign Trade Zone 倉庫内写真2

Foreign Trade Zone 倉庫内写真3

Foreign Trade Zone 倉庫内写真4

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