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Our strengths

Expert of transportation to North America

Expert of transportation to North America

    Our advantages are:
  1. A wide selection of sea routes available based on service contracts with major shipping companies and alliances
  2. Capability to secure shipping space at reasonable costs, which is possible because we constantly handle a huge volume of cargo (approx. 100,000 TEUs per year, combining cargo of Japan Trust and Ocean World Lines, a leading U.S. NVOCC)
  3. Door-to-door delivery service from any location in Japan to the US
  4. Free home delivery service, including duty payment procedures
  5. Transportation service for reefer containers, dangerous items, oversized items and coils
  6. Quick and smooth service by Japanese staff at overseas locations
  7. Duty-free cargo storage service using our warehouse in a free trade zone

Click here for our consolidation service for North America

Oversized cargo transportation service to destinations worldwide!

  1. Oversized cargo transportation to all destinations worldwide
  2. Arrangement and release of flat/open containers
  3. Secured space on container/conventional vessels

Results | Past projects

  • To Renault's factory in Cleon, France
  • To Renault's factory in Paranagua, Brazil
  • To Renault's factory in Valladolid, Spain
  • Door-to-door delivery to Honda's factory
    in Anna, U.S.A., etc.

Eastern Car Liner | Cargo collection affiliate

Our major clients

Machine tools: Nippei Toyama, Mori Seiki, Okuma, Yamazaki Mazak Trading, Kitamura Machinery, Nakamura-Tome Precision Industry, JTEKT (formerly Toyoda Machine Works), Kira Corporation, Amada, Toshiba Machine
Machinery: Maekawa MFG, Janome Sewing Machine, Taihei Machinery Works, Makita, Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Shoda Iron Works, Komori Corporation, Orion Machinery
Automobiles: Aisin Takaoka, Kurabe Industrial, JTEKT (formerly Koyo Seiko), Shimizu Industry, Tokai Rika
Trading companies: JFE Shoji Trade Corporation, Marubeni TEKMATEX, Kyokuto Boeki Kaisha, MC Nonferrous Metals, Shinsho Corporation, HANWA, Toyota Tsusho Corporation, Okaya & Co., Pioneer Trading Company, Kowa, Daitoku Shoji, Toyotsu Plachem, Mitsubishi Corporation, Mitsui & Co., Marubeni Corporation
Chemicals: Denki Kagaku Kogyo, Tanaka-ai, Musashino Chemical Laboratory, Fuji Silysia Chemical, Ishihara Sangyo, Daiichi Fine Chemical, Itochu Chemical Frontier
Logistics: Fuji Logistics, UTi, Japan Van Lines, JPT Logistics, Kintetsu World Express, Takasue, Meitetsu World Travel, Seibu Transportation, Vantec World Transport, Nishi-Nippon Railroad, Komatsu Logistics, Konoike Transport
Foods: Aiya Japan, Marusanai, Sanjirushi, Sapporo Logistics Systems
Others: Metal One, Hoyu, Nippon Menard Cosmetic, Rinnai, Red Baron, Shinetsu Denso, Seria, Aicello Chemical, INOAC International, ELMO, American Tile Source, Okamoto

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Pictures of past oversized cargo projects